List of Obligatory Objects for the First Aid Box Contents

First Aid Box (First Aid for Accidents) is a facility that must be provided in each house and car. As the name implies, the purpose of procuring first aid kits is as a step to anticipate and treat early injuries or injuries. Injuries or injuries can occur suddenly and treatment must be fast to prevent further complications. That is why a first aid kit is needed. Place the medicine box in a place that is easily reached by adults, but out of reach of children. Also make sure the P3K box is locked securely and in a cool, dry place. Which Must Be Prepared in a First Aid Box First aid kit at home is usually used to treat injuries or minor injuries, such as cuts, scratches, insect stings, sprains, and minor burns. You are advised to prepare the following drugs and equipment in the first aid kit. Bandage. Rolled and sterile gauze. Pin. Latex gloves. Tweezers. Scissor. Povidone-iodine solution for disinfecting wounds. Alcohol-free cleaning wipes. Fluid for cleaning foreign bodie
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